While trying to find emulators I ran into dolphin, pcsx2 and rpcs3. I was not sure which one to start on since I did not had the collection of games I used to have since I mostly went completely pc gaming and all my games are on steam or gog. I decided to start with ps2 games since they were cheaper to acquire( at least some games). I went to ebay and got dot hack infestation, AVP extinction and the DMC series. [Read More]


AVP Extinction was a game that I really enjoyed when it came out. One of my favorites IP together in a strategy type game. Nothing better than building a horde of aliens and have your own hive that destroys everything and drags the bodies back to the hive to get turned into more aliens or pre-aliens. I been able to play most of this game on pcsx2 but, I had to use windows :( because getting to build successfully in linux is a pain and you need to install a lot of i. [Read More]