Fedora Nvidia GPU

You can easily follow the instructions on rpmfusion on how to install the nvidia drivers on fedora but, it can be somewhat confusing if you don't follow the instructions exactly. By installing the repo then doing the commands posted on the instructions can give you a lot of headache if you don't really pay attention. What I mean by this is that you really have to make sure you install the correct driver for your GPU. [Read More]

OBS with GPU

I started using OBS to stream but, I noticed that in most games it uses a lot of CPU so the games start to stutter and the audio gets cut off. I started googling around and saw an article from gamingonlinux.com on how to use the GPU for streaming instead of the CPU. Of course I ran into a lot of issues since I been noticing more and more lately that most linux desktop or gaming is build with debian/ubuntu/arch in mind and fedora usually lags behind. [Read More]