f2P Games in Linux & Wine.

Lately I been trying to find games that are F2P because lately I have not found anything that has me interested and obsessed. Maybe I'm in a rut when it comes to gaming? no se… Here is a list of what I been able to play so far. Warframe - Although Warframe is not native to linux, it plays well on wine. You will have to disable a lot of settings in the game to be able to play it the best and avoid certain issues that arise with those configuration being on. [Read More]
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How to Mod PS3

Modding the PS3 can get quite confusing because the directions are not straight forward or can be confusing if you have not done this before or spend time trying to understand how everything works. At first I was confused but, with trial & error I was able to get it modded and installed homebrew and multiman.

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So After spending hours on trying to figure out how to build obs into an rpm using mock I finally succeeded. At the bottom is my whole history of commands and things I went through trying to figure out dependencies, building local and with mock…. I have to say this is a very interesting learning experience. But, one thing I found is that everyone does the spec file differently. Some build the spec that its easily to follow with variables and others have a mix of using some variables and hard coded lines. [Read More]
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OBS with GPU

I started using OBS to stream but, I noticed that in most games it uses a lot of CPU so the games start to stutter and the audio gets cut off. I started googling around and saw an article from gamingonlinux.com on how to use the GPU for streaming instead of the CPU. Of course I ran into a lot of issues since I been noticing more and more lately that most linux desktop or gaming is build with debian/ubuntu/arch in mind and fedora usually lags behind. [Read More]