Fire Emblem Awakening

In here I continue my obsession of playing all the Fire Emblem games that I can get my hands on. After playing one of the DLC's in fates and getting exposed to Chrom and the gang, I wanted to play with them since they looked like a cooler bunch. Here is my list: Awesome Stuff: Scenes - The scenes and voice acting are just so awesome. It felt more complete and ties better with the story. [Read More]

Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors I always enjoy most of the Dynasty Warriors games or any of the similar series. I started all the way from DW1 until around 8 that I played on the pc. Although most of these games are straight up hack & slash, I liked the additions they have made throughout the years. This time I'm trying with the fire emblem universe. Awesome Stuff: Hack & Slack Character Selection and be able to switch around Story Upgrades and level up Give Orders voice Acting Scenes Bad Stuff: [Read More]

Fire Emblem Fates

#Fire Emblem Fates Birthright The combat is straightforward just like any turn based RPG game out there. It follows the same style as the previous games and similar to the older ones. I reached to around chapter 13 and noticed I have missed a lot of the games features and cool stuff. Like I have barely build out any of the relationships or checkout the special kids besides the generic kids. [Read More]