Use Ansible to Resolve IT Issues Part 2

After being able automate user creation/deletion, I tackle on how to automate the Cloudera CM install as much as possible. I first started trying to install the rpms with ansible. I discovered the yum and repo modules. They allow me to add a repo and install any rpm available. This what I have:

- name: Add the cloudera-cm repo.
    name: cloudera-cm
    description: cloudera-cm repo
    baseurl: "{{ rpm_repo }}" #
    gpgcheck: yes
    gpgkey: "{{ gpg_key }}"
    enabled: yes

- name: update system # Just update the whole system to latest rpms
    name: '*'
    state: latest

- name: install packages
    name: "{{ packages }}" # wget,net-tools,python,vim,postgresql-server,java,mod_ssl,httpd,MySQL-python,fuse-libs
    state: latest

- name: install cloudera packages
    name: "{{ cloudera_rpm }}" # cloudera-manager-agent,cloudera-manager-daemons,cloudera-manager-server
    state: latest

Previously doing this process took around 30 minutes to around 2 hours since I had to manually do this to all the potential Cloudera CM's.

I ran into issues when I created the postgres user and DB, failing to connect. I forgot that postgres does not let you do this as root and you have to switch to the postgres user. This is how I was able to resolve it:

Init the DB first

- name: init postgresql
  become: True
  become_user: postgres
  command: '{{ pg_initdb_command }}' # the command is initdb -D /var/lib/pgsql/data
  ignore_errors: yes

Then create the user and DB

- name: create the postgres user and set the password
   name: "{{ postgres_username }}" # DB user
   password: "{{ postgres_password }}" # DB passwd
   become: True
   become_user: postgres

-  name: create the postgresql database for Cloudera CM
   name: "{{ postgres_database }}" # just the DB name
   owner: "{{ postgres_username }}" # the DB user created above
   state: present
   login_user: postgres
 become: True
 become_user: postgres

I had to become user postgres then create the user and the password. Then create the DB Cloudera CM will use and give rights to the user. To get the DB finalized, you need to run /usr/share/cmf/schema/ postgresql scm scm scm. I used a variable to make the task/main.yml easier to read. This command indicates the type of DB to be used, the user and passwd.

 - name: Run the db script to configure for Cloudera CM
  shell: "{{ prepare_database }}" # includes the command above.