I never been fan much of streaming and watching others play. Somehow I wanted to be the one playing and not just watch. I finally tried twitch just for the heck of it and I found out why a lot of people spend so much time on there. Be able to watch new games that come out or just classical games that you missed or haven't played yet. I always wanted to make videos of the games I play as a way to do walthroughts and show others how to do something specific. Something I started during with a friend of mine back with Super Mario N64 when It came out but, never continued after that. My friend did not have this game so I recorded a tape with my grandpa's VHS and was able to show my friend some of the playthrough. I now have been investigating on how to stream myself. I just want to make videos of playing and not looking to be famous or make a career of it. When I started researching on how to stream I found out how complicated some folks set up is. For now all I have is OBS on the same computer I'm playing games on. I don't have an elgato and another computer doing the rest of the work. Everything in the same place. I might do more research to see if I can get this device or just play all the ps2, ps4 and other nintendo console games in the pc. Just have to figure out how to get it all to work and just go from here.