Resident Evil 2 Remake Comments (spoilers).

They are hundreths of reviews about this game so to get a more generic opinion you can visit your favorite site. In here I’ll compare Original to the remake and some Things I enjoyed and disliked about it.

This game was a complete graphic overhaul that was made from scratch. This game looks beautiful, specially if you have a nice GPU. The graphics options let you push your GPU to the limits because of so many ways you can configure the graphics to get the best out of the game. For myself increasing the image quality more than 120 percent reduced my FPS. Although I can increase the usage of the GPU memory to almost 8G(GTX 1070) and the game played fine. Turning Vsync off and FPS to variable can get you a higher FPS than 60. Here is the things I found about the game that is different from the original.

  • The initial city area in the beginning was bigger and require more survival - In the original you spend more time trying to avoid the zombies and make your way to the police station. This required finding herbs, ammo and going through a basketball court. In this remake all of this was cut down completely. Sure, there is still a lot of zombies but, there is no reason to fight them and you just run to the station.

  • Brad Vickers - Since in this game you unlock exta costumes, there is no Brad. Not even for fun or unlocking the closet and changing clothes anything.

  • Sharing Weapons - When I first found the storage I din’t open all of them thinking you can share the weapons/storage with the other character. In this remake this part is completely ignored and you can be selfish and take everything you want.

  • Tyrant can’t be taken down completely - In this remake you can temporary stunt tyrant but, he won’t pass out completely and drop items. I do enjoy the chase and makes it more interesting. Although the library area becomes quite annoying lol. In the original he doesn’t chase you like this but, there’s certain areas that you can take him down leave the room and come back and he is up. Certain areas you can take him down a couple of times.

  • Any action made by the other character has nothing to do how the story turns out for the other - No zapping system at all. Nothing affects the other character and each are seperate. I thought in the original this added some challenge to the game but, this remake has a different tempo and more challenging things so I understand the removal.

  • Puzzle’s are easier in the remake - They made a lot of changes to the game but, the puzzle’s seem to be easier to do than the original. The only one I struggled mored with was the circuit in the jail and chief’s office.

  • Missing items/weapons from the original - This might be because they been adding more weapons and customes as DLC but, no bowgun!

  • B run monster born from Chief Irons - No monster for B run that is born from Chief Irons where William implants him. This boss was huge after gathering all the plugs. Although there’s more of that type of monster all over the sewers, this was a cool boss.

  • No spiders!!!!! at all.

  • The remake does have a faster pace - This might be due to the new engine and camera angles but, you can move throughout the game pretty fast. In the original you can move pretty quick fast but, there were certain puzzle’s and areas that made it take longer.

  • Leon’s personality was boring - Leon is a new cop and young but, it just seems he doesn’t know anything at all. In the original, he had more common sense and was able to figure out things a little better. His communication with the other character’s were smoother but, in here look like he just listened to fake news lol. Like you let William grab you around 3 times and smack you in the floor and you just layed there!

  • Claire in the original was more serious - Although claire in the original was more serious, the lack of personality might be also limited to the type of technology at the time. With this new engine they can express anything. In this remake she does look more younger and has a more high school personality but, she was still tough. Thoughter than Leon laying down and waiting. When she finds sherry and falls down due to william she just picks her gun and its ready to fight. Also after she recovers the "Antidote" the fight with william she jumps willingly to fight his ass.

  • Annette is just badass - Annette whole character is tough and doesn’t care about anyone. Avoids dead multiple times, tells everyone to fuck off and you can’t get the G virus. Gets thrown into a freaking hard ass wall and someone can still continue.