PS3 Emulator

While trying to find emulators I ran into dolphin, pcsx2 and rpcs3. I was not sure which one to start on since I did not had the collection of games I used to have since I mostly went completely pc gaming and all my games are on steam or gog. I decided to start with ps2 games since they were cheaper to acquire( at least some games). I went to ebay and got dot hack infestation, AVP extinction and the DMC series. After trying to get DMC series to work on pcsx2 and having issues I decided to get the DMC HD collection for the PS3. Found it on gamestop ( eww ) for around $13 and started the process of getting the files. This whole process requires modding your PS3, install multiman, insert the game and make a copy. The copy can be from 8GB to maybe 30-40GB. One of the best things about rpcs3 is that for linux they use appimage. Appimage has everything included and you don't need to install dependencies and just run it like a script. I was very excited how easily it came up and worked. So I started DMC HD Collection and BAM! started playing right away. The only issues I had at certain points is that the FPS drops massively and playing the game slows down. It seems to be in certain areas like Mission 11 and once you move around to other areas the FPS picks up to around 55-60 from 30. At 30 it slows down real hard. The other problem was the audio. It was stuttering real bad and could barely understand the characters. I was hoping I could ignore the audio and use subtitles and just continue to play the game. But, its hard to do since this games have pretty good music and voice over. The subtitles did not help either because it was done only on certain characters during the scenes. Rpcs3 like the other emulators have a page of compatability of each game status and work arounds. I reported my issues in there and hopefully this helps others. Rpcs3 its still basically new and every release everything gets better.