Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors

I always enjoy most of the Dynasty Warriors games or any of the similar series. I started all the way from DW1 until around 8 that I played on the pc. Although most of these games are straight up hack & slash, I liked the additions they have made throughout the years. This time I'm trying with the fire emblem universe.

Awesome Stuff:

  • Hack & Slack
  • Character Selection and be able to switch around
  • Story
  • Upgrades and level up
  • Give Orders
  • voice Acting
  • Scenes

Bad Stuff:

  • The graphics - It seems to be a continous problem with some of this games. Some come out decent looking but, some have graphics and animation that is not up to par. Took a quick look for the Switch version and the graphics do look better.Might be just the 3DS implementation.
  • Blant Action - Game feels like there is barely any difference between playing the different characters.

Some of the things listed in the awesome stuff, have been things that have been in this type of games for a while. I can't recall in which one it was added but, if I remember around DW 7, you were able to order others to locations or to follow you. Nothing new but, glad its still included.