Fire Emblem Awakening

In here I continue my obsession of playing all the Fire Emblem games that I can get my hands on. After playing one of the DLC's in fates and getting exposed to Chrom and the gang, I wanted to play with them since they looked like a cooler bunch. Here is my list:

Awesome Stuff:

  • Scenes - The scenes and voice acting are just so awesome. It felt more complete and ties better with the story. “oh… Lunica… My love”
  • Animation - The animation during battle felt more complete and fluid than fates. The ultimate attacks looked cooler also.
  • The classes - Although similar to fates, I liked the other options. The assasin in here does so much damage…. no joke.
  • Dragons!? - I liked better the dragons in This version compared to fates. The dragon in fates looks like a skinny robot.
  • 3D? - I could actually play this game in fully 3D. I tried with fates but, could not do it for some reason.