f2P Games in Linux & Wine.

Lately I been trying to find games that are F2P because lately I have not found anything that has me interested and obsessed. Maybe I'm in a rut when it comes to gaming? no se… Here is a list of what I been able to play so far.

  • Warframe - Although Warframe is not native to linux, it plays well on wine. You will have to disable a lot of settings in the game to be able to play it the best and avoid certain issues that arise with those configuration being on. Warframe is a great game that you can play with everyone online and you can acquire most of all the game's content for free but, it requires a lot of grinding. Once you start acquiring warframes and weapons, you will require slots for them. You can get more slots by using the in game currency called plat. Plat its used for skins, warframes, weapons and hurry blueprint creation if you don't want to wait. Like mentioned before you can acquire most of the items by grinding and doing alerts. For example, you want a mirage helmet, then there is a chance it can drop during a mission or a reward from a alert.You can install Warframe through 32 wine prefix, use the install script or through lutris. Warframe Linux [Warframe Lutris](https://lutris.net/games/warframe/(Warframe Lutris)

  • Crush Crush -

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