I always enjoyed comics since I was little. I did not get the opportunity to read Marvels or DC like others have. I grew up reading sonic and some alien comics. After that I got heavily into playing video games so I barely touched any comics and read mostly manga. In the past year I ran across this store Third Eye Comics and got exposed to the Alien and Predator comics. I always loved this series and being able to see more stories outside the movies completes me. I first started with Aliens Omnibus #1, #2 and #3. Then the predator Omnibus series too. Unfortunately I lost my collection due to a water leak and mold destroying 90% of my belongings( no lawyer wanted to take the case and insurance did not want to cover it. MD is a terrible place to live). I had to start from scratch and buy each one over the period of 2 years while I tried to recover from this disaster.