AVP Extinction was a game that I really enjoyed when it came out. One of my favorites IP together in a strategy type game. Nothing better than building a horde of aliens and have your own hive that destroys everything and drags the bodies back to the hive to get turned into more aliens or pre-aliens. I been able to play most of this game on pcsx2 but, I had to use windows :( because getting to build successfully in linux is a pain and you need to install a lot of i.686 packages and things could break further. I might look into retropie for at least old Nintendo consoles and the playstation ones.

This game keeps in suspense like you were in the movie. Specially when you play as the colonial marines vs the aliens. When you fight the predators is not scary although they can beat you pretty bad. Seeing around 20-40 aliens rushing at you in different size and trying to get your marines to kill em and not get destroyed by the acid is freaking exciting lol.

I enjoyed playing more with the aliens and the colonial marines. I tried to play with the predators but, although they are hunters and use sneaking skills, I was very terrible at it and the failed the first mission a couple of times. The aliens would bum rush me like 20 of them and kill my 5 predators.