Aliens Defiance


I bought Alien Defiance issue #1 months ago but, never got around to reading it. After going through the first issue, I got hooked. I was unable to find the second one in any local bookstores and the local comic store. I was forced to buy the digital version from Darkhorse. I'm not much of a fan of the digital versions but, I wanted to read them right away.I have to say I was hooked right away with this series. Been able to read a comic that does not mention any of the movies or what happened in them. I noticed that the art changed between the different issues. I looked at the artists in all the issues and I enjoyed more when Eduardo Francisco was the artist. The features, hair and description of Zula Hendricks were more defined. In the other issues she always looks mean, undefined and blurry or maybe is just different styles. Sure, Hendricks is going through hell with her past and fighting the Aliens but, she definitely does not have to look upset all the time. Here is a few pictures for comparison: Zula

I really hope they expand more her story and and create a movie. This would be a great movie or expansion for more main WOC characters.