Use Ansible to Resolve IT Issues Part 2

After being able automate user creation/deletion, I tackle on how to automate the Cloudera CM install as much as possible. I first started trying to install the rpms with ansible. I discovered the yum and repo modules. They allow me to add a repo and install any rpm available. This what I have: - name: Add the cloudera-cm repo. yum_repository: name: cloudera-cm description: cloudera-cm repo baseurl: "{{ rpm_repo }}" # http://archive. [Read More]

Install libvirtd

Recently I installed Fedora 25 to test some playbooks and other configurations. A co-worker mentioned to use Vagrant but, my exposure was minimal. I only used vagrant to test some applications such as netbox and it uses Virtualbox by default. Previously I have used Virtualbox and Vmware but, I decided to move away from those. First, Virtualbox breaks everytime there is a kernel update. Although there is some commands you can run to recreate the kernel it needs but, why I should do this all the time? [Read More]

Using Ansible to Resolve IT Issues Part 1

After spending months on trying to deploy a Cloudera CM cluster with over 40 nodes, I needed to find a way automate most of my tasks and reduce time spend doing this manually. At the time when I started on this project we were using openstack VM's to host this Cloudera cluster. Although is not best practices to use VM for big data, it was our only option of having resources. [Read More]

Big Data on Openstack

Openstack can be a great solution due to the increase demand of cloud and more resources. But, it can't resolve every issue out there. an Openstack deployment can provide “unlimited” resources but, is useless if is not architecture for the specific applications that the VM's will be hosting. For example, a previous customer had over 20 regions, configured almost the same and had performance issues. This customer hosted big data applications (Cloudera to be specific) on those VM's, had an older deployment of Openstack ( Icehouse so we could not take advantage of the newer cloud features) and no budget for further expansion and upgrades ( Including software and hardware) but, had the following issues: [Read More]