Json and API

#JSON and API I started using Vagrant for a while to be able to spin VM's and troubleshoot or test certain configuration. For the moment I was fine with using virtualbox but, I decided to use libvirtd since I prefer it. I had no idea how to create images or where to start. I asked a co-worker and he mentioned to look at bento and packer. Bento has a whole list of json files for images in all linux flavors and builds the images for all Virtualization types. [Read More]

Fire Emblem Awakening

In here I continue my obsession of playing all the Fire Emblem games that I can get my hands on. After playing one of the DLC's in fates and getting exposed to Chrom and the gang, I wanted to play with them since they looked like a cooler bunch. Here is my list: Awesome Stuff: Scenes - The scenes and voice acting are just so awesome. It felt more complete and ties better with the story. [Read More]

Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors I always enjoy most of the Dynasty Warriors games or any of the similar series. I started all the way from DW1 until around 8 that I played on the pc. Although most of these games are straight up hack & slash, I liked the additions they have made throughout the years. This time I'm trying with the fire emblem universe. Awesome Stuff: Hack & Slack Character Selection and be able to switch around Story Upgrades and level up Give Orders voice Acting Scenes Bad Stuff: [Read More]

Fire Emblem Fates

#Fire Emblem Fates Birthright The combat is straightforward just like any turn based RPG game out there. It follows the same style as the previous games and similar to the older ones. I reached to around chapter 13 and noticed I have missed a lot of the games features and cool stuff. Like I have barely build out any of the relationships or checkout the special kids besides the generic kids. [Read More]

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem on 3DS A while ago my sister mentioned that she is going to get Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. I always enjoyed the Fire Emblem series but, its been a while since I played one. Probably back in gamecube times ) can't recall). I started playing Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and been enjoying the story so far. Most of my favorites characters are on the birthright side, specially that you can spend more time with them and build out the relationships. [Read More]

Tower Cli

Tower-cli is a FOSS sofware made to manage Ansible Tower Configuration and launching jobs. Its a tool that communicates using the API and makes it easier to make those changes instead of using curl. Here is an example of things you can change or do with tower-cli: Create Users Create Organizations Create Teams Create Launch Jobs Change Any configuration found in /api/v1/settings/all Orchestrate with other tools and have more complete automation CD/CI pipeline Example Videos Ansible Tower: Change a setting with tower-cli (https://youtu. [Read More]


I always enjoyed comics since I was little. I did not get the opportunity to read Marvels or DC like others have. I grew up reading sonic and some alien comics. After that I got heavily into playing video games so I barely touched any comics and read mostly manga. In the past year I ran across this store Third Eye Comics and got exposed to the Alien and Predator comics. [Read More]

Aliens Defiance


I bought Alien Defiance issue #1 months ago but, never got around to reading it. After going through the first issue, I got hooked. I was unable to find the second one in any local bookstores and the local comic store. I was forced to buy the digital version from Darkhorse. I'm not much of a fan of the digital versions but, I wanted to read them right away.I have to say I was hooked right away with this series. [Read More]

Upgrading Fedora 25

With the release of Fedora 26, I decided to upgrade my Fedora 25. Fedora 26 introduced a lot of cool things and I have been using the beta version on my work laptop. You can do upgrade by doing the following:

  • sudo dnf install fedora-upgrade
  • sudo fedora-upgrade

And just let all the packages go! then restart. I use the KDE version since I prefer it over GNOME.

Ansible Tower

So you have an idea what is ansible and what you can do with it. After creating, playbooks & roles and dynamic inventories, you are wondering how you can centralize and control access to your playbooks. You can do this with ansible core and limit access and permissions on the git project. You can include all the playbooks, roles and inventory files in the same repo. But, this can become a problem once the project is git clone into the controller and anyone access to the server can potentially be able to access your playbooks. [Read More]