Resident Evil 2 Remake Comments (spoilers).

They are hundreths of reviews about this game so to get a more generic opinion you can visit your favorite site. In here I’ll compare Original to the remake and some Things I enjoyed and disliked about it. This game was a complete graphic overhaul that was made from scratch. This game looks beautiful, specially if you have a nice GPU. The graphics options let you push your GPU to the limits because of so many ways you can configure the graphics to get the best out of the game. [Read More]

Linux Audio Issues

For the longest time I would had audio issues while playing games and videos on linux. I started with Fedora 26 and upgraded all the way to 29. I used pulseaudio, installed extra RPM’s, googled around and still have the same issue. I modified pulseaudio files following the arch linux wiki. Everytime it got better but, still had some issues. I tried with ubuntu 16.04 and higher and still face the same issues. [Read More]

Aliens Resistance

In my previous post I discussed the Alien’s Defiance comic series and I’m real excited to know that Zula Hendricks was brought back on another comic series! This time she will be on Aliens Rsistance working together with Amanda Ripley. When I saw this online I really freak out image::[] Because I was expecting not to hear about Zula anymore and never see her anymore. Although they should make a movie or anime series about her and Amanda or even better a movie. [Read More]

Issue with WoeUSB

I go back and forth with Windows/Linux to try different games. Usually test games in wine/proton. I replaced some of the hardware and forgot to remove the old drives so windows kept crashing even after I went on safe mode and removed the old drivers. After spending a couple of hours at it I decided to just reinstall. I usually use linux in my other systems (fedora/Ubuntu/Arch). I have used WoeUSB before but, this time it was not working properly. [Read More]

Vagrant Fedora Issue

I have used vagrant before to test servers and ansible content but, I stopped using it for a while. I usually try to update to latest versions and use the libvirt plugin. After updating to the latest version (2.2.1) I was unable to use vagrant with libvirt. Started getting this errors: vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt    10864  19:15:16 Installing the 'vagrant-libvirt' plugin. This can take a few minutes. [Read More]

Infoblox and Ansible


I was working with a customer that was using Infoblox and Bluecat. From the research I done, most organizations out there use infoblox for everything network related and don’t divide it between different applications to accomplish the same goal. In this case infoblox handled most of the networking parts ( IP & subnets ) and bluecat handled the DNS part. So to be able to take full advantage of the Nios modules in ansible, you need to create the DNS zones in infoblox. [Read More]

Use Ansible to resolve IT issues Part 3

After successfully being able to add/remove users and install Cloudera Clusters, I needed to tag on patching systems. This is a hot item that everyone should be aware and should be able to do some down time for.I could spend more time writing in here on how to do patches and how important it is but, I wrote an article for that explains it well

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f2P Games in Linux & Wine.

Lately I been trying to find games that are F2P because lately I have not found anything that has me interested and obsessed. Maybe I'm in a rut when it comes to gaming? no se… Here is a list of what I been able to play so far. Warframe - Although Warframe is not native to linux, it plays well on wine. You will have to disable a lot of settings in the game to be able to play it the best and avoid certain issues that arise with those configuration being on. [Read More]
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Ansible OSP Modules

Recently I started working on a project to create roles using ansible openstack modules. I have used openstack before but, the version I used was from 2014 and we managed the VM's/Applications using supernova. We managed VM's for customers in openstack but, we did not maintain the infrastructure itself. Although we troubleshooted and help diagnosed some issues with the openstack team. Issues like a VM got stuck, can't connect to the VM’ and having performance issues. [Read More]
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